Why I need to write another Wild Weekend ASAP…

Can I be honest? 

For the first time since I started publishing in 2017, I’ve been too stressed to write.

And for someone like me who has written nearly 40 books, that’s saying something. 

I’ve tried everything I could to find my writing mojo, but ultimately, when all is said and done, I can’t force myself to write if the words won’t come.

And after banging my head against a wall, and banning myself from reading the news, I’ve come to realize the words aren’t coming not just because of what’s going on around me, but also because I’m not supposed to be writing the book I’ve been trying to force myself to.

I don’t know how you feel about things right now, maybe your life is going great, but for me, it seems like every day there is a new challenge to overcome or something else to deal with.

While I do my best to stay positive and to be thankful for all I have in my life, to laugh at myself, and to find reasons to laugh, I’m learning I also need to be aware of what I need to do to stay healthy emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Since being diagnosed with MS five years ago, and through life’s ups and downs writing has always had the ability to take me out of my head.

 it worked so well for me because I was writing what I loved and not what I thought would sell well.

I was happy doing my own thing, not chasing trends or trying to mimic what other authors do and I consider myself blessed to have found readers who enjoy my crazy, sexy books.

Having writers’ block for nearly a month has been a stern lesson that now is not the right time to be adding more challenges to my life.

All of this is my lengthy explanation to tell you I’ve chosen to write another Wild Weekend book rather than start a new series.

In order to retain my pre-order abilities, I have switched out Austin, for One Wild Weekend with Miller and am putting plans to start the security series idea on hold.

In other words, if you pre-ordered Austin you’ll receive Miller instead when it releases (God willing) early next year.)

***If you don’t wish to receive Miller, please cancel your pre-order. ***

I am truly sorry, and I hope this isn’t too confusing, but I hope you can understand why I can’t force myself to write when the words just don’t want to flow.

I’d gratefully appreciate your forgiveness and understanding right now as I continue to navigate the rest of what has been a difficult year. 

It’s early days, but I’ve managed to write nearly a chapter of One Wild Weekend With Miller which will be set in Arizona with a troubled Ranger on a futile mission and the headstrong mechanic who wins his battle-weary

After a super sexy weekend and a lot of hurdles to overcome of course. 😉

Much love from me to you.

And again, please forgive me for needing to reduce stress and just escape into familiar writing territory right now.

​Lexi XX

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